CINEPADS landed in the 114 issue of FDTimes


Recently, Jon Faure, ASC, the founder of FILM AND DIGITAL TIMES, has written a two-page article for CINEPADS in the lastest issue.

The FDTimes cover page and the report about CINEPADS

It is the very first time for a Chinese monitor brand to be featured on this world-renowned magazine. And CINEPADS is also honored to be the first Chinese monitor brand to be selected as a partner of FDTimes.

the partner page on the back cover of issue 114 of FDTimes

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Left: Jon Fauer, ASC

Up to now, FDTimes has been published for 17 years consecutively, with a total of 114 issues. In addition to the English edition, it also publishes editions in 6 international languages, including Chinese, on the occasion of special exhibitions and important product launches, accompanying the growth of many photographers around the world.

CINEPADS is a startup company focusing on providing monitoring solutions for cinema cameras. At present, we have launched two 7-inch touchscreen monitors, CINEPADS 7 with dual SDI interface and CINEPADS 7HS with HDMI/SDI interface.

For the full article about CINEPADS in FDTimes, check out the latest issue at https://www.fdtimes.com/.